What Are We Doing Here?

Happy first week of Lent! (Or, for our more secular readers, a late happy Mardi Gras!) If you’re wondering what this whole blog is about, you’re in the right place.

The idea for this project was born during and after last year’s election. In general, I don’t want to speak for anyone but myself, but I do feel confident saying that all four of us were disturbed, at one point or another, by the divisiveness of some of the discussions, especially the ones we were seeing online. We think there’s room for disagreement among people operating in good faith–especially among people of faith. So that’s what we’re going to try to do on this blog.

On Sundays, we will post our own reflections on a group of scripture readings for the week. For practicality’s sake, we’re going with the lectionary, with which most of us have at least a passing familiarity. (And also because I’m an Episcopalian, and I came up with this cockamamie idea in the first place.)

After that, the real spiritual discipline begins, because we are going to actively discuss each other’s posts, respectfully disagreeing when appropriate, but always affirming one another’s earnest desire to serve Christ with our lives. We hope that if anyone is reading this, that you’ll join us in the conversation. We think there are probably a lot of people like us who could use the practice.

I should probably point out that because we are trying to respectfully disagree, we expect discussions to maintain a civil tone.

3 thoughts on “What Are We Doing Here?

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  1. Thanks, Amy. It’s a table in our dining room. I’ve been keeping those candles to melt down and repour–you know, because I live on the frontier in the 19th century. But, you know, packratting for the win.


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